Why a fad diet may be easier but why you may not get results

You may have heard me advise against fad diets that involve lots of restriction that can be maintained. Instead I encourage you all to live a healthy lifestyle, eating real foods but knowing that a treat isnt going to set you back. Sounds simple right? Not always. I wanted to share a bit of my story here with you and tell you why I sometimes struggle so if you are going through the same, you know you are not alone.

When I was growing up I went from diet to diet. As soon as a new diet book came out I bought it and tried it. You would have thought I would have lost loads of weight doing this but I failed miserably every single time. Its almost as if my body was trying to tell me something. It was yelling at me to eat even when the diet book didnt let me. This made me feel rubbish. I felt like a failure for not being able to stick to what I thought were simple diets.

Because of this and because of the idea that we should eat less I spent years trying my hardest to keep my calories low. To make matters worse I had some health issues that made me feel like when I ate my body wasnt able to get the energy it needed. I felt shacky and had hollow legs. I never officially got the bottom of why this happened although after years of eating properly and eating what works best for me, it has gone. At the time though I could eat a huge meal but still be hungry an hour later. I decided there was no point eating over a certain amount of calories at a time if I was going to have to have a snack soon after so my actual meals got smaller. I ended up being a snack lover. My snacks werent unhealthy but I guessed the calories would add up so I was always scared at the thought of tracking calories.

Skip forward to today and my eating has evened out. I eat proper sized meals and listen to my body about what foods to eat and when I am hungry. Recently though after changing what I eat and finding exercise I love I tracked my calories for a couple of days and I realised that on those days even though I thought I was eating well, my calories were no where as high as they needed to be based on my activity levels. I was shocked to see this and after researching a bit it would explain why no matter what I eat or how much I exercise my body just wont release any weight.

On the whole I dont advise becoming obsesive about counting calories every day but that is what I have chosen to do for a few weeks to get back on track. This is really putting me out of my comfort zone after working so hard to get out of the diet mentality. As much as I know I need to eat well and eat more if I want to do intense exercise, I know that it will be scary to see numbers each day.

When you follow a fad diet you have a set structure, you know what to eat and when (even if your body is crying out for you to stop). You dont have to worry about if you are eating the right amount, you just follow the plan. It can be really nice to just be told what to do. BUT your body knows best. It will rebel and get you eating properly. No matter how mentally challenging proper healthy eating can be, it is so, so, worth it so I have set myself a calorie goal and no matter how scary it is I am going to stick with it.

It is amazing how thought patterns from years ago can haunt us and hold us back but we can break free of them. Whatever you used to tell yourself about heatlhy eating, you can start a new story.

If this resontates with you at all I would love to help you through it.


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