What’s left?

You will have already seen the many, many articles out there that all give the magic healthy diet (with supporting science of course). Whether its telling you to go raw, vegan, paleo or high fat they all claim to be THE best way to get healthy. But regardless of these main ways of eating, what about the rest of the food.

Whilst I have my own style I honestly believe that whichever of the above ways suites you best, the best way to start on your health journey (and which actually runs through all of the above main ‘styles’ of eating) is to increase veg, decrease dairy and decrease processed food.

Even with that though there is still so much confusion. I have been researching what foods are best to eat and to avoid for various symptoms and if I actually took notice of all I read I should not be eating bread, nuts, seeds, raw vegetables, gluten, dairy, fruit, coffee plus some individual vegetables. WHAT!!!!

For someone who wants to eat healthy and avoids processed foods this is kind of limiting isn’t it? Luckily I know my body enough now to know what foods serve me and what foods don’t (even though I don’t listen to my body 100% of the time) but it got me thinking about everyone else. If I was new to healthy eating and holistic health and started searching books and the internet and was told to avoid all these foods I would seriously give up. I would tell myself it is too limiting and panic about what else I could actually eat.

It shouldn’t be the case that someone who wants to nourish themselves gets so confused by information they end up going back to unhealthy habits just because it’s easier, because its familiar. Im not saying to not seek information and to not try to eat healthy but I am saying that any step regardless of whether big or small on your journey is amazing. That one meal you eat that is clean, home cooked and made with love is one step on your walk with health.

Even if you are able to eat 100% “healthy” if you are constantly stressing about what to eat, if you are hungry all the time or if you avoid social events in case they dont have food you can eat you will not be happy. You’re body will start to react to that underlying stress which will may potentially cause further health issues you were wanting to avoid in the first place.

We are meant to be happy, we are meant to eat foods that fuel us and we are meant to thrive. Listen to your body, try to eat in a way that suites you most of the time but relax, enjoy the journey and enjoy each piece of delicious food you eat.


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