What’s left?

We spend so much time learning to let go of what doesn’t serve us, to detach ourselves from things we are bound to that hold us back. We try to break free from past stories that stop us thriving, we try to break bad habits and even drift away from friends who no longer support us.

What is left? What happens next?

We are left with an empty space which can be really hard to deal with (often harder than the behaviours we let go of). Having nothing to distract us means we can’t hide from truths we don’t want to face. We are forced to deal with feelings we used to numb down with food or unhealthy relationships. Instead of jumping from diet to diet we are left with facing why we don’t love our bodies and why struggle to nourish ourselves.

Having that empty space means we have no choice but to look really deeply within ourselves to deal with whatever we have been hiding from that has held us back.

It’s tough. But it’s ok.

As tempting as it may be to fill that gap with the first thing you can, allow the uncomfortable feelings to come up. Sit with these feelings, meditate, observe whatever comes up without judgment.

Then the excitement begins. You get to completely redesign your life. You get to choose a life of your dreams. You get to thrive. Instead of jumping from one thing to another as a reaction to circumstances you can now take time to decide what you want to create.

What energy do you want your thoughts to give off each day? What form of exercise can you imagine yourself doing – what will you enjoy? What food does your body crave? What food do you enjoy eating? Think about what YOU want, imagine your ideal self in a year or so and use that as your guide.

Keep coming back to stillness as you go through this process, keep listening to what your body and soul needs. Once you have that clear vision you can take steps to get there. Each day when you wake up, choose your day – your thoughts, movement, food and how you interact with others. Make choices that get you closer to your goal. Move away from anything that comes up that you know will move you further away from it.

Imagine how different your life will be in a few months once you are living your chosen, abundant, flowing life.


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