What is discipline?

Discipline is a term that is heard a lot when we try to achieve something. We must be disciplined by putting those trainers on and going to the gym, we must be disciplined to say no to the cake we really want when we are trying to eat healthy. Many people say they dont have any self-discipline at all so even though they say they want to achieve something, when temptations comes, they give in.

It can be difficult to be disciplined but what if we broke it down, worked out what being disciplined means instead of just thinking as discipline as being a form of self-control.

To be disciplined means to be a disciple to yourself. This means putting you first, following what your true self wants and needs, making decisions that support your true self and never making decisions that harms your true self.

Yes, being discplined involves self control but when we look deeper, being disciplined is actually just doing what we should be doing naturally to thrive.

Think about exercise – be a disciple to yourself and think about how exercise benefits you and the consequences of not exercising. It makes sense that you want your body to be healthy and move so find an exercise you love and enjoy it.

If you keep telling yourself you want to eat healthy but keep giving into cake be a disciple to yourself. You come first and you can only thrive if you are healthy and nourished. If you eat the cake, think about how your body will feel and think about how your body would feel if you ate the cake every day. Your body deserves to eat food that helps it shine.

You can go on and think about self care, relaxation, work-life balance….. All these things help you truly live a nourished life and you derseve to live the best possible life so go out there and be a discpiple to yourself. Remember what your body and mind need and make choices that get you closer.


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