What happens inbetween?

Yoga is a great reminder to focus on the present moment, to allow the mind to be calm, to give yourself that stillness. Sometimes though the mind will do its own thing. Have you ever been holding a posture and your mind wonders off, thinking about what posture is coming next? It is natural if we have postures we love more than others or sequences we like. to race ahead in our mind. When we do this though we forget to appreciate the posture we are in, forget to be truly present in the moment. We need to be in that posture as if it is the only posture we are going to do.

What about our thoughts and actions inbetween the postures? I completed an online yoga class recently and was reminded during the sun salutations to slow down, not to push the transition. Each sun salutation is a flow – not just as a whole sequance but in each individual posture. We all know how important it is to match the movement to the breath but how many of us move from upward facing dog to downward facing dog to find we are there way before our exhale has finished. How differant would it be if we made each movement the length of each breath so there is a constant flow of movement. The body is then constantly transitioning, not stoping in each posture for even a second before moving to the next (except when we hold downward facing dog for 5 breaths).

This really requires focus and awareness to begin with, to get used to slowing down the movement, not just each breath. Try it and see how amazing and calming it feels.

Notice then how you move from one posture to the next throughout the rest of your practice. Instead of rushing to move from one to the next, take your time. Allow the movement to flow. Experience what the body is doing as you transition, how your alignment changes, how your points of strength change. See those movements as just as important as the postures themselves.


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