What’s left?

You will have already seen the many, many articles out there that all give the magic healthy diet (with supporting science of course). Whether its telling you to go raw, vegan, paleo or high fat they all claim to be THE best way to get healthy. But regardless of these main ways of eating, what […]

What is discipline?

Discipline is a term that is heard a lot when we try to achieve something. We must be disciplined by putting those trainers on and going to the gym, we must be disciplined to say no to the cake we really want when we are trying to eat healthy. Many people say they dont have […]

How to finally get down that to do list

Do you have a to do list that keeps on growing? Do you get to the end of the day and feel like you haven’t completed anything you were meant to? To do lists can be great for keeping track of what needs doing but they can also turn into a comfort blanket – we […]

Too tired to get to yoga class?

Having low energy levels in pregnancy is really common, especially if you work. It can be really tempting to just slump on the sofa as soon as you get home. This will not only result in feelings of sluggishness, if you know you have things you need to do you may feel guilty for not […]