Should you double up a workout?

Should you double up a workout?

Should you double up a workout or should you rest?

In the online fitness world I see alot of posts about people doubling up workouts the day after they miss a workout. I know this works for some people and if it does work then great, if they know their bodies then they know what is best but for me doing this is not good.

I am not here to tell you whether to double up or not but I hope in me giving you my reasons that you will have enough knowledge to decide what works best for you so you dont cause damage to your body.

One reason I dont double up workouts is energy. I have suffered with low energy for many years and have spent a lot of time working out how to manage this. I have got to the point where most of the time I can follow a workout programme but there are still times where a few days of workouts can leave me needed a few days rest. Nutritious plays a part in this but most importantly I need to listen to my body. If I a drained and get the feeling I need to rest but I push through I risk not being able to give everyday tasks my all or worse than that I get really ill. The same happens if I workout twice in one day. It pushes my body too hard. I love my body and want it to function at its best so trust my limits.

The other reason is not to do with the physical activity itself but the intention behind the extra workout. Many years ago I hated my body. I deprived my body of nutrients by under feeding it and I spent too much time in the gym pushing my body too far. Exercise became a punishment for when I over ate. I really lacked self love and it has taken years to overcome that. For me, doubling up a workout resembles these past feelings. If I miss a workout one day for whatever reason, I must feel guilty about it and put twice as much effort in the next day. Exercise for me now is for enjoyment and for self love so anything that takes me away from that does not become part of my schedule.

The choice is personal and the more we listen to our bodies the more we can learn what is best. Here are some questions to help you decide what is best:

  1. When you miss a workout do you wake up feeling guilty?
  2. When you workout does it make you feel energised?
  3. Do you restrict your food if you miss a workout?
  4. Are you very focused on results that you feel lost if you are off plan?

It is ok to rest, it is ok to go off plan, it is ok to love yourself so much that you trust what is best. Ask yourself the above questions and whatever you decide, do it from a place of love.