September Challenge

Did you see my September challenge on Facebook?


I have always found this time of year great for new beginnings and organisation. I can still remember getting excited about the start of a new school year and all the prep that went into it.

Throughout the year there are so many chances to start a new stage of our health and fitness journey – new year’s resolutions, a new spring health kick after eating too many easter eggs, trying to be healthy ready to get into our summer clothes, the post-holiday detox after a time of indulgence…… Many of these opportunities though involve giving something up, trying to resist something that we really want but know we shouldn’t. It’s hard and the more we deprive ourselves, the more we are likely to give up.

Health and fitness shouldn’t be about quick fixes, it should be a journey – lots of steps moving in the right direction. When done right it becomes part of our lives so we need to make sure we do it in a way where we are happy for the choices we make to be part of our lives. Who wants to spend each day unhappy that we ‘have’ to eat a certain thing, exercise a certain way or resist that treat? My September challenge invites you to add something positive to your journey without having to worry about giving anything up. Add an extra portion of green veg to a meal, meditate for 10 minutes, go for a walk every day, complete 2 rounds of sun salutations before you do anything else in the morning, start a daily gratitude list, drink a glass of water before you have your sugary drink. Pick anything that you will enjoy doing and be consistent with it. Little by little as you do this you may find the things you know aren’t good for your health start to drift away. You may start adding that portion of veg in but still have pudding but over time you feel so good your body will crave a healthier version of the cake. Your body in time will enjoy moving as you walk and crave more. You may no longer want that sugary drink after you’ve had your water. If you make healthy choices and additions from a place of love, your body will guide you the rest of the way.


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