Rebel Freedom

I am here to help you jump start your health journey through eating amazing food that will nourish you. This is your chance to let go of foods that make you feel drained and sluggish and insteady eat foods that will give you energy, make you shine and give you the confidence to love yourself and go out there and achieve your goals.

The Rebel Freedom Eating Plan 

Diets are often seen as a quick fix after indulging over Christmas/New Year etc. When you imagine being on a diet you can imagine yourself being hungry and grumpy until you go back to how you ate before (and probably putting the weight back on again).

Rebel Freedom is not a traditional diet plan. I will introduce you to clean food that will allow your body and mind to feel AMAZING. Following the recipes will give you food you know and love but made in a healthy way. There are no typical diet foods you have never heard of and no foods that will put you off healthy eating forever.

The recipes do cut out meat, dairy, sugar (there is some fruit), alcohol, processed food and gluten. BUT the recipes are designed to keep you full. Healthy eating should not be about deprivation so you will even get yummy raw cakes.

This is a plan for those like me who don’t like following plans. You will get 30 amazing recipes but you choose what to eat when. You can eat from the plan 100% for 7 days or you can just start slowly adding the recipes into your everyday life – you decide.

What you will get out of Rebel Freedom 

  • Energy.
  • Clear Skin.
  • Reduced cravings.
  • Better digestion.
  • Less bloating.
  • Weight loss (if this is what your body needs).
  • Better mood.
  • Inspiration to get out there on your journey to health.

More than that though, I guide you through steps that begin to heal your relationship with food and your relationship with your body.

Is this plan for you?


If you have spent time going from diet to diet – this plan will get you back on path.

If you want to get healthy but don’t know where to start – this plan will give you all you need to get going.

If you have a busy job or spend so much time looking after other people – this plan is for you as most of the meals can be prepared at the weekend and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Lets do this

Rebel Freedom costs £5. To purchase click HERE.