One thing stopping you from reaching your goals

The importance of jumping in.

How committed are you to your goals? Really think about if before you answer.

A lot of the time we know we want something and we take action but there is something missing, something isnt working. How often do we kind of commit? We spend the day kind of being healthy, kind of deciding to work out, kind of thinking we should have more self care time but by the end of the day we end up eating that chocolate cake, we only doing half a workout and deciding we dont have time for that 10 minutes of quiet.

What happens when we do this? We only kind of get results.

Ive known people for years who have always been on a diet but guess what? Their weight hasnt changed a single bit. Yes each day they comment on the calories in their food and that they need to watch what they eat. They may even decide between two meals based on their diet but they still eat the wrong foods so nothing changes. There are poeple who seem to live in a state of stress. They ask what they can do to change, they know its not doing them any good but instead of taking time to relax and look after themselves each day they block out their stress and worries by “relaxing’ in front of the tv each night.

There are so many reasons why we dont fully commit. If we only try to do something we have a back up. We know if things dont work we havent technically failed. Its comfortable where we are. Even if we arent 100% happy, being comfortable still stops us from going into the unknown. This may sound good but nothing changes. Think about how many years the same new year resolutions come up. How far along our journye would we be if we had fully committed the first time?

Yes its hard but I am urging you to fully jump in to the unknown, jump in to taking charge of your life. Jump in to the abundance the universe can surround you with, jump into the best you there is.

Part of my role as a health coach is encouraging, supporting and helping you commit and helping you take steps once you have done that. If there is something for whatever reason you havent fully jumped in to, get in touch to see how I can help you.


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