My secret to healthy eating, fitness and weight loss

My secret to healthy eating, fitness and weight loss

I spent years and years trying lose weight, trying to be healthy, trying to complete the latest fitness challenge and for ages I got no-where. I hated my body, I was exhausted, I deprived myself because I thought it was the only way to change shape.

I would seek out advice from fitness plans and weight loss plans, I went on diet after diet. I felt like I had given my power away and I lost the ability to trust my own decisions.

I then went in the opposite direction. I stopped exercising because I thought it did no good. I started eating whatever I wanted because I thought if I cant lose weight, whats the point in restricting. I accepted that my body would never be how I wanted it to be. I gained energy, I got to eat out with friends without worrying about what I would eat, I got to live day by day without trying to change myself.

I still wasnt truly happy within myself though. There had to be a balance and there was one thing missing that would get me there – self love.

It took a while to get there but I chose to work on loving myself. Instead of going to what I wanted to change about my body I reminded myself of what I loved. I made decisions based on self love not self deprivation. It felt really unatural at first some days I had to fake it but I got there. I started exercising to get energy and to allow my body to move in a a way it loved. I ate food to nourish and fuel my body. If I wanted something not so healthy I made a healthy alternative. I noticed if food made me sluggish and bloated and I chose to remove them from my life as they made my body feel awful instead of making it feel amazing.

From the exhausted, unhappy me at the begining of my journey to the me now I am pretty much doing the same activities BUT my mindset has changed and that has changed my happiness and my results.

Take some time to think about how much you love yourself. Really stop and think though – dont just think “of course I love myself”. If you love yourself you deserve to treat yourself in the most amazing, nourishing way. Make every thought and every decision based on that and watch your health transform.