My 5 top podcasts

I LOVE podcasts. I love learning, I love being motivated and I also just love spending time immersed in what I love.

Here are my top 5 and I love each one of them for differant reasons.

  1. Jillian Michaels – I love this women. This podcast gives simple health and fitness tips. From calorie counting, the importance of organic food and how to get rid of those last 10 pounds, it has it all. It is extra special to me because Jillian gets deep into why people hold onto behavioural patterns and how to break through.
  2. Shaun T – Whilst we know Shaun T for his amazing workouts, his podcast is not so much a health and fitness podcast. It is though motivational, full of love, full of passion and teaches us to live life the best we can.
  3. Balanced Bites – Two amazing women talking all things paleo and more. They take answer listener’s questions to give practical advice on how to deal with health and wellness issues.
  4. Rewild Yourself – I first learned about Daniel Vitalis when I studied with IIN. His podcast talks about how we have over time become too domesticated and need to get back to our more natural state. From drinking spring water to finding our natural cirdadian rhythm this one is really worth a listen.
  5. The Crave Cast – Alexadndra Jamieson is another one of my amazing IIN lecturers. She talks about so many health and wellness issues and gives practical advice on how to solve them. She is down to earth and also looks at why we do things, why we eat a certain way.

If you have your own favourite podcasts, i’d love to hear about them.


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