How do you measure success?

How do you measure success?

Have you heard of S.M.A.R.T goals? If you set yourself a task it should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

How do you measure progress? AND Is your measurement suitable?

Take healthy eating for example. You may aim to remove certain foods from your diet or add more veg. You may want to lose weight as a result or just look more thriving. If you manage to avoid sugar for 2 weeks this may be a success or if you lose 5lbs this may be a success but what if those things don’t happen? What if you avoid sugar for 2 days but then are really tired one day, you haven’t had time to eat properly so when you get home you reach for a biscuit. Should this make you a failure? NO WAY. What if you eat really well for 2 weeks but haven’t lost a single bit of weight. How do you feel – do you think all that hard work is wasted, that there is no point to eating healthy and go back to your previous diet? You’ve heard that healthy eating is a journey? Its true and this goes for your measurements of progress. You almost need to let go of the measure of progress in obvious ways and go with feelings. If you have got to the end of the day without brain fog or cravings – great. If you wake up one day and have more energy that you can ever remember having – great. If a birthday cake goes round at work and you resist because you would actually prefer the healthy smoothie you have on your desk – great. These are much better things to focus on to help you know you are moving forward.

The same goes with exercise. It is easy to focus on how much weight you will lose if you exercise or how much longer you can run for but if these don’t happen, its ok. Think about how exercise improves your mood, think about how empowered you feel after a really good workout, think about how you now really want to walk somewhere instead of driving…. Focusing on these feelings will help you realise why you are doing this.

Again, with yoga – do you strive to touch your toes in a forward bend? Do you compare how your down dog looks to the person next to you? Switch to how you feel. Have you been able to release in a posture more? Have you been able to find a steadier breath? Have you been able to get through the practice without your mind wanting to know what is happening next?

It’s great to have goals but take each momement at a time, think about all the positives in those moments, let go of striving for a specific outcome and enjoy the journey.


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