Do you keep starting over each Monday?


So it’s the start of a new week, that time you have been waiting for to start your new healthy eating plan or fitness regime. We are all familiar with that saying “I’ll start….. on Monday”.  But here we are again, starting the week with good intentions and enthusiasm. But, after a hard day at work you get home, take one look at your trainers, one look at the comfy sofa and set yourself down for a relaxing evening at home. Firstly I want to say that if you want to have a night to yourself relaxing then you should. There is enough pressure and guilt in the world so don’t feel guilty about doing something you want or need to do.

Our bodies are designed to move and exercise makes us feel amazing but if you exercise, it needs to be because you want to not because you should. If you want to exercise but there is something holding you back have a think about what that is. If you want to exercise but don’t enjoy it, keep trying different types of exercise until you find something you truly love.

If you are too tired to find the energy you need, try yoga. With yoga you can move your body in a way that feels great, relaxing your body and mind at the same time. You can work at whatever pace you like so if you want a peaceful session, that’s great but if you really want to feel your body working, you can have that too.

Even just a small amount of exercise day will motivate you and energise you. Making that choice will also help you make healthier food choices (more on that to follow soon).


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