5 myths that are preventing you starting your amazing yoga journey

(and how to overcome them) 1. You need to be flexible to start yoga. I hear this all the time when I talk to people about starting yoga and it is so far from the truth. Yoga helps us accept our bodies at whatever stage they are at and we all have areas where we […]

Meditation made easy

Meditation made easy What comes to mind when you think of meditation?  For me, I imagine calm Buddhist monks or someone sitting peacefully in silence with a blissful look on their face. Before I stated meditating I imagined that someone who meditates is always super calm and super spiritual.  I was neither of these things […]

Do you keep starting over each Monday?

So it’s the start of a new week, that time you have been waiting for to start your new healthy eating plan or fitness regime. We are all familiar with that saying “I’ll start….. on Monday”.  But here we are again, starting the week with good intentions and enthusiasm. But, after a hard day at […]

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is an amazing time and yoga during pregnancy will have amazing benefits for both you and your baby. Yoga postures are adapted to avoid overstretching or straining your muscles, to prepare you for birth and assist with common discomforts during pregnancy including: Back ache Circulation Digestive issues During pregnancy these postures will increase your […]

Beat the winter blues

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder we can often find that our energy levels, moods and health decrease. Yoga is great for many winter problems from improving blood flow to help winter skin, boosting our energy levels when we want to hibernate and improving our mood when we are feeling low […]

My favourite pose

I am really enjoying dancer pose at the moment. Dancer pose (natrajasana) looks and feels elegant but has amazing benefits for the whole body. The whole legs are toned and strenghtened, the hips are opened as well as the shoulders and chest. Also, the gentle back bend strengthens the spine. Dancer is also great for […]