What happens in-between?

What happens in-between?

It is no secret that as a society we are getting busier and busier and we all know we need to take time to ourselves to relax and look after ourselves but how often do we actually pause? You may wake up, get yourself ready for work, go to work and have no time to […]

Let me tell you a secret….

Summer is around the corner and I bet you have seen so many ads promoting weight loss products and plans to get your perfect beach body. Do you want a beach body? Guess what – you already have it. Im not here to bash those ads because I know I will never have the body […]

Is it too late?

Have you ever thought about starting something but looked around at other people ahead of you or thought about how much further along you should be? When this happens, what do you do – do you start anyway or do you feel so bad that you are behind that you give up? This has happened […]

Yes the grass may be greener, but…..

I have just got back from an amazing weekend in Glastonbury and as often happens, I spent the weekend thinking wouldnt it be amazing if……. There were so many parts of the weekend that I loved and part of me wished I had every day. I loved the town, the community, the healthy food, the […]

What is discipline?

Discipline is a term that is heard a lot when we try to achieve something. We must be disciplined by putting those trainers on and going to the gym, we must be disciplined to say no to the cake we really want when we are trying to eat healthy. Many people say they dont have […]

Dear Santa

                      Whether you have a Christmas list you give to other or whether you are planning to treat yourself, here are some ideas to make your Christmas special. 1. Fab tshirt from Deliciously Ella 2. Super warm socks from Lululemon 3. The Uncook Book to […]