Apple & Banana muffins

I love muffins and my boy loves muffins but they are usually full of so much sugar and not so good oils. These though have absolutely nothing bad in them at all, they actually are full of nutritious ingredients and they are really simple to make. I cant take credit for these though, they are […]

Healthy Bounty Balls

Healthy Bounty Balls

I love anything coconut and anything chocolate so of course love Bounty Bars. At least I love the idea of them, the less healthy ingredients in them, not so much. These bounty balls taste just as good (possibly better) and are super healthy. Healthy bounty balls Ingredients: 150g dessicated coconut 2tb agave 2tb melted coconut […]

Recipe – Rocky Road

Recipe – Rocky Road

I am always on a mission to make regular cakes and other treats in a healthy way. For me, life without  cakes and puddings is just not as enjoyable. This rocky road is vegan, gluten free and sugar free (apart from the marshmellows which you could substitute if you want). Ingredients: 75g vegan marshmellows 75g […]

What’s left?

We spend so much time learning to let go of what doesn’t serve us, to detach ourselves from things we are bound to that hold us back. We try to break free from past stories that stop us thriving, we try to break bad habits and even drift away from friends who no longer support […]

One thing stopping you from reaching your goals

The importance of jumping in. How committed are you to your goals? Really think about if before you answer. A lot of the time we know we want something and we take action but there is something missing, something isnt working. How often do we kind of commit? We spend the day kind of being […]

September Challenge

Did you see my September challenge on Facebook?   I have always found this time of year great for new beginnings and organisation. I can still remember getting excited about the start of a new school year and all the prep that went into it. Throughout the year there are so many chances to start […]