Beat the winter blues

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder we can often find that our energy levels, moods and health decrease.

Yoga is great for many winter problems from improving blood flow to help winter skin, boosting our energy levels when we want to hibernate and improving our mood when we are feeling low from lack of sunlight.

The wonderful thing about yoga is that it can be adapted to meet our needs at any particular time. You may want an energising practice to boost your energy levels or you may want a restorative practice to relax after a hard day’s work.

Whatever style of yoga you decide to choose there are certain postures that area great for winter.

Sun salutations will keep you warm, keep you flexible and increase your energy levels.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (spinal twist) is a great twist to energising the body, stimulate our organs and is great for looking after our spine, especially if we spend a lot of the day sitting down.

Viparita Karini (legs up the wall) is a perfect way to relax and is amazing for improving circulation in the legs.

Supta Baddha Konasana (revolved bound angle pose) opens the hips and the hips are related to our emotions, this posture is not only relaxing but keeps our mind healthy too.

Breathing fully yogic, belly breaths during your practice will also increase the oxygen to your brain, helping you feel more energetic, more alert and more positive. So, when you come home from a hard day’s work, instead of spending the evening in front of the tv, roll out your mat, practice some yoga and then treat yourself to a lovely warming raw hot chocolate.


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