Are you ready to jump start 2018

Are you ready to jump start 2018

13th January 2018 is the launch of the next Beachbody workout, 80 day obsession and I am ready to help you all kick start your year.

This workout is brought to us by the amazing Autumn Calabrese who will post a new workout each day in real time and it is designed for those who want to become leaner and more toned. ¬†Each workout will be between 30-60 mins, you’ll workout for 6 days a week and you get a full meal plan to get you results.

The workouts will work your entire body and even though the workout is 80 days you will not be bored. The nutrition will be perfect to get you back on track using timed nutrition so you will eat certain foods at certain times to help support your body throughout the programme.

This programme isnt for everyone, it is for those of you who are willing to commit to change BUT I believe that everyone has the ability to complete it. I will be running an accountability group for 30 days of the programme to offer you support and encouragement to get you started. This programme will test your mindset so being part of a group will be such a great benefit.

If you want to be in the group, email me at and I will help you get started.