About Me



Hi, i’m Hannah Edge – yoga teacher, health coach and body bliss expert.

For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in health and fitness and spent many years going to the gym regularly and running regularly. This interest in health soon turned into an unhealthy journey. I became obssessed with body results. My gym session would revolve around working off what I had eaten that day. My mood each morning would depend on what I ate the day before. My body may have been going in the direction I wanted it to go but I wasnt happy.

After beginning to experience health problems which impacted on my day to day life I started looking for ways to manage my health and fitness in a more holistic and nourishing way. I learnt to fall in love with my body and want to help you feel the same way.

I believe everyone is capable of living a healthy life free from diets and free from restriction. I believe everyone deserves to wake up energised, freen from cravings and free from those small health issues that seem insignificant but leave you drained and unhappy.

Food CAN be enjoyed, exercise CAN be a form of self love and life CAN be enjoyed every single day. When you eat well you are nourishing your body so it can heal and thrive and this can be done with just a few simple changes.

Learn more about my classes and my unique approach to health coaching or schedule an initial consultation with me today.