5 myths that are preventing you starting your amazing yoga journey

(and how to overcome them)


1. You need to be flexible to start yoga.

I hear this all the time when I talk to people about starting yoga and it is so far from the truth. Yoga helps us accept our bodies at whatever stage they are at and we all have areas where we are either more flexible or less flexible than others. Yoga will make you flexible and we all have to start somewhere. As long as you can feel a posture working then that is what matters the most. Enjoy each posture and how it feels, and enjoy the progress your are making each time you practice.

2. You need to be a certain age or shape.

Yoga can be beneficial to you whatever your age and there are so many different styles, every age group (or even personality) can find a form of yoga they love. When it comes to our shape, there are so many things that impact this but yoga can help you find your perfect shape (or weight) if your body needs to change. You may be right where you need to be at this time and if so, yoga can help you accept this and embrace this. Remember that the pictures you see advertising yoga are just that – adverts. They are designed to be noticed and use models of a certain size.

3. You need to be able to still your mind to benefit from yoga.

If you find your mind is always racing, you need yoga. Yoga won’t automatically stop your mind doing its thing but it will teach you to let thoughts pass without reacting to them so you can switch off and relax. We all have times in class when we want to feel serene in calm in a posture but our mind has other ideas and that is absolutely fine – don’t beat yourself up about it, just let it go.

4. You need to wear certain yoga clothes. Personally, I love wearing yoga clothes that make me feel good and I love some of the designs of certain yoga brands. BUT I also have times where I just want to wear jogging bottoms and a loose t-shirt to practice in and that works too. Start with what you have already and if you want to buy something new, great. As long as the clothes done affect your movement and allow the body to breathe then go for it.

5. You need to practice for a long time every single day.

Many of us simply don’t have time to spend an hour or more each day to practice yoga, or any other physical activity. Work and family so easily take up a lot of our time. You can benefit from yoga no matter how much or little you do. Start with one class a week and build on from there. Maybe even try 10 minutes a day at home. Whatever you do, try to make it a regular occurrence and build it into your life. This is time for you, to nourish yourself and relax yourself so this time is so important. Whatever happens though, if you miss a session, that’s fine – don’t feel bad.


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